Duck Hunting - Best Duck Hunting Set Up Video

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Duck Hunting - Overview

Duck hunting in the USA is one of the most envisioned times of the year every winter. Ducks and its waterfowl kinds will go down the Atlantic , Central,  or Pacific flyaway from Canada advancing on the way to Mexico in seek of food sources and milder environments.

Due to the fact the 17th century, duck hunting has been an extensively well-known gentleman's activity. Considerable waterfowl grew to become an effortless food source for settlers and market hunters into the 19th and 20th century's.

Experiencing lowering duck and waterfowl quantities, laws such as The Lacey Act and The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 were founded by the federal government to assist prohibit market hunters. As market hunters washed out, it offered a way for real American's to hunt ducks!

Why is Duck Hunting Unique?

What tends to make duck hunting unique and such a better sport than deer or turkey hunting is the social element. It is much less complicated to neglect the cold weather when you are laughing and having a good time with your friends rather than alone in a tree.

I have seen several all kinds of duck hunting images of my professional hunters in trendy boots and a business suit with his associates and their morning's harvest. Duck hunting was and continue to be more of a cultural function than a genuine stalk hunt.

Best Duck Hunting Set Up Video

How to set up a duck hunting site really depends on the expertise of the hunter.  Let us watch this amazing set up by the district commissioner Terry Tight Love.  It is a really must see duck hunting set up video.

Gamo Air Rifles - Best High Power Air Rifles

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Gamo Air Rifles - Best High Power Air Rifles

For many years Gamo has been in the air gun sector, creating and producing high quality and the best high power air rifles, air pistols and air gun ammunition for hunting.

Currently Gamo has the largest models of high quality and high precision airgun pellets in the globe, and one of the most known air gun manufacturers in Europe. Being competitive and globally successfull , Gamo air rifles can be found in more lots of countries and employed daily by hunters and outdoor fanatics.

Whisper Fusion Pro - Hunting Valley

1- Whisper Fusion Pro

Gamo has introduced the Quietest air rifles the Whisper Fusion Pro line in 2013. With its trademarked double incorporated noise dampening technology generating the shot almost undetected to annoying varmints, 1400 feet per second with PBA, all weather strength put together with optimum performance, unique Smooth Action Trigger and Shock Wave Absorber characteristics, making it a must-have for any serious hunter.

There is no doubt the Whisper Fusion Pro is an excellent rifle. For a single cock airgun, this is the most precise one you will ever use. It take a quite powerful individual to pump the cylinder when cocking the gun. You won't have any issue with a child having access to this one and using it when you are not close to.

It is very accurate. With the scope mounted on it, you can hit the same area over and over again

Whisper Fusion Pro is very powerful, it has a wonderful scope, but the regular whisper is more quiet.  When you use it more it becomes quieter,  otherwise it is a very good pellet gun.

 Whisper Fusion - Hunting Valley

2- Whisper Fusion

The Whisper Fusion provides all-weather strength mixed with optimum efficiency. Light weight artificial stock, coordinate grade fluted barrel, and 1300 feet per second with PBA make the Whisper Fusion ideal for small game hunting, objectives, and pest management.

The IGT (Inert Gas Technology) is a new innovative technology from Gamo for Mature Break-Barrel Air Rifles. This impressive technology enables shooting pellet rounds by use of a pneumatic inert gas cylinder rather than traditional spring technology.

The Whisper Fusion has a gas piston that is expected to be less noisy then a springer.  It is a fantastic gun with high performance. The flexible cheek rest and optics are excellent! It does still make a noisy sound when you are the shooter. The moment you step away and let somebody else shoot, you recognize the lower decibels.

The gun is extremely quiet, particularly in comparison to a firearm, and the sound is much like striking a  ail a good strike with a hammer. It's not too loud to demand ear protection and it doesn't sound like any type of firearm. It's not the kind of sound to alert the neighbors.

The cocking action needs substantial pull(not made for kids) and the recoil is more than I alleged but not unpleasant at all.

The trigger action feel is improved than any of my powder rifles and hand guns which was very amazing. Cocking the Whisper Fusion rifle takes some energy but the results are satisfying.

3- Gamo MRA Showstopper - Shawn Michael

This exceptional Gamo MRA Showstopper - Shawn Michaels presents 1,400 fps with PBA Platinum Bullets and a new stock developed for the real hunters. The air rifle contains an all-weather stock with rubber grips, ergonomic style, the Smooth Action Trigger, and Shock Wave Absorber - the new recoil pad from Gamo that digests up to 74% more recoil pressure. The MRA "Showstopper" is offered in .177 and has a 33mm cylinder in order to give more energy and speed to the shooter!

The Gamo MRA Showstopper  is an amazing machine. The stock is comfortable and resilient polymer stock. The fit and style is fantastic , where everything is fit collectively and properly. The precision is unreal. The trigger is great. Although this rifle has been recommended by Shawn Michaels, the rifle has high speed in both pba and lead pellets. It is noisy but if you live out in  the country, the loudness is not an issue.

This MRA Showstopper gun is very accurate and powerful. It is really highly effective. Don't hesitate to think that you could regularly bring down coyotes and anything smaller down the line neatly and successfully.

It shoots smooth and has very Little Shock.  At first you think that it has remarkable hand shock but following you get used to how loud it is and realize that the "Shock" is not as loud as you think.

The trigger is changeable and has sufficient wiggle space you can tweak it to excellence.  The traction design on the stock and front grip are excellent.  The Gamo MRA Showstopper Feels Wonderful and it has very good grip.

Gamo Outdoors Hunter Extreme SE - Hunting Valley

4- Gamo Outdoors Hunter Extreme SE

Gamo has introduced an SE design of it's famous Hunter Extreme. The most prominent add-on is an absolutely remodeled illuminated red dot reticle. With the exact 1,650 FPS knockdown strength from PBA Platinum Rounds as it's forerunner, it's a great thing .

The Hunter Extreme Extreme SE features Shock Wave Absorber technology - the new recoil cushion from Gamo that takes up up to 74% more recoil force. The Gamo Hunter Extreme SE is one of the most effective air rifles ever made.

The rifle is light-weight in comparison to the other similar air rifles. It is fast and precise.

The Gamo Hunter Extreme SE s excellent. It hits tough and powerful! Thing you shoud know is that it truly loud with the pba pellets,it makes a definitely load breaking sound like a true gun considering that the pellets break the sound barrier. Moreover, its heavier than predicted and to break the barrel turns into a workout after a while.

The Hunter Extreme SE has the quality and sharpness of an air rifle you desire.


Whisper Fusion Pro
Whisper Fusion
Gamo MRA Showstopper
Hunter Extreme SE 

Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper .22 Cal Air Rifle Review

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Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper .22 Cal Air Rifle Review

Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper .22 Cal Air Rifle - Hunting Valley
The Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper .22 Caliber Air Rifle is he best of air powered rifles since they  have advanced very well in engineering lately. This rifle has an integrated suppressor, a single-cock, break open action for fairly quick followup shots, and contemporary materials that improve strength and minimize weight. It’s also precise and highly effective, and the design quality is fantastic.

Match, Experience, and Capabilities

Gamo has as extensive record of advancement as a top quality airgun maker, and this steadily built gun is no different. The Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper .22 Caliber Air Rifle has an almost entire synthetic revealed exterior with the exemption of the steel receiver. In this kind of airgun, which will be beat up, nicked, and most probably ultimately decorated, the strategic type distinctive black finish is ideal.

Definitely the internal parts are steel, but Gamo’s use of a lot of plastics, such as the polymer jacketed barrel, decreases entire weight to 7.15lbs, which is a number of pounds lighter than equally operated rifle. This makes carrying the air rifle a lot more exciting on a hunt.

As is common with most barrel break high strength airguns, the Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper has an extended length at 43”, which is long but controllable because ofthe very light weight of the gun. Portion of this extra length is the 18” barrel and incorporated sound suppressor.

The Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper .22 Caliber Air Rifle incorporates a number of very awesome capabilities. Gamo lists the Silent Stalker at 975 fps with PBA Platinium ammunition. With lead pellets, that number will be lower but still within a very effective 800 fps range, which is a little faster than .22LR rimfire CB ammunition with about as much energy. The air rifle comes with 50 of the PBA Paltinum pellets, but those go quick and you will absolutely want to grab a couple additional pellets tins.

The Gamo Silent Stalker performs in the same mechanical approach as a spring pistol air rifle, but it works by using Inert Gas Technology (IGT), which squeezes a gas piston instead of a spring. This offers a number of advantages. First, it is considerably quieter because there is no “twang” as the spring is let go; when combined with the incorporated suppressor, this method provides one of the most silent airguns ever made. IGT also offers more energy, significantly less weight, reliable 32lb cocking energy, and has an extended life than a spring technique. There’s also higher precision due to less rumbling and more reliable shot-to-shot power.

Compared with springs systems, IGT is a memory-less power plant that can be kept compressed-cocked almost forever without loss of strength. Another advantage is that the IGT operated Silent Stalker Whisper is not impacted by the wintry weather, so your energy and zeroing will stay the same no matter of summer or fall weather.

The barrel installed, completely adjustable, fiber optic sights are outstanding and very simple to see in low light circumstances. The front sight is also hooded to deliver safety from bumps and hits. As most airguns shooting is done within the 25 yard range, quite a few may find the sights to be a much better and less heavy option than using the scope.

Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper .22 Cal Air Rifle Scope - Hunting Valley
The 3-9 run scope is clear, taking into consideration the general price of the gun, and only started to change slightly at the 9 X power range. The air rifle’s adaptable, 3.74 lb, two-stage trigger is fantastic and better than numerous real rifles made.

Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper .22 Cal Air Rifle Safety Pin - Hunting ValleyThe manually initialized Gamo trigger protection is right in front of the trigger and is fast and simple to use.

Gamo relates to their incorporated suppressor as the ND52 (Noise Dampener 52% reduction), which decreases sound levels by up to 52%. Suppressors/silencers do not make a gun noiseless; they make them less noisy. Gamo emblems the Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper air rifle as “The Most Quiet Gun” and I consider that is real. Despite the fact that you will not anger your neighbours, they will still realize that you are shooting something or at least believe you have a love for electric powered staple guns.

The air rifle is offered in .177 and .22 caliber versions, but the .22 caliber edition will be quieter simply because, in spite of pellet selection, it will usually shoot sub-sonic. Once a bullet goes over the 1200 fps level, the bullet gets to be supersonic and provides a supersonic bust. Generally, this supersonic bust is the most perceptible report with pellet guns. Main point here is the .22 design will be both quieter and more effective for back yard shooting, hunting, and survival reasons.

Performance and Precision

I would recommend a little installation. Most individuals will tug the gun from the box attach on the scope and begin shooting. Nevertheless, I would recommend implementing removable LockTite on the fasteners for the scope rings, scope position, and back fiber optic sight level adjustment. Airguns basically have some serious recoil due to the two way recoil impact of piston kind airguns and can truly release things without a little LockTite.

Buy Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper .22 Cal Air Rifle From Amazon

The performance is easy. Press the safety on, get hold of the end of the barrel, and draw down to cock the gun. insert in a pellet and close the barrel back up. Aim at your goal, discharge the safety, and shoot. Do it again until eventually you are out of pellets. It could not be easier. At this stage the gun is straightforward, simple, and efficient to use.

For this air gun, I finished up zeroed at 25 yards, which ought to give me a 1” low at 10 yards and 50 yards based upon on pellets. Be aware you absolutely need to pick one pellet and stick with it as the zeroing will alter often by 1”-2” at 20 yards when changing pellets.

Just like all airguns, you want to determine which ammunition the gun likes the best and then purchase all you can find of that ammunition so you do not have to constantly re-zero your rifle.

Normally, I have found that coordinate pellets generate the tightest categories, used by domed pellets and then the pointed pellets. Following the Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper air rifle amazed me with a .75” 25-yard 10-shot group with the customized point/dome TS-22 long distance pellet. The Hunter pellets provided 1” average groups and the pointed pellets given 1”-1.25” typical groups. I did not use any simple match pellets on hand, nevertheless I hope those would deliver even tighter groups.

Final Thoughts

As a highly effective airgun, I give the Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper Air Rifle great marks. The precision is great, and the gun provides very good strength. It also checks all the boxes from a energy, weight, precision, and sound standpoint to make it an excellent tactical air rifle. The IGT  just makes it more resilient, effective, and precise than spring piston driven guns.

After getting rid of the scope, the fiber optic sights satisfied me. I basically like it a little better for the reason that the weight drops to 5.45lbs with no scope. Certainly, precision is better with the scope, but I can still maintain all my shots in the 1”-1.5” array with the appropriate pellets. Gamo has a couple versions of this air rifle, but this is the only model so far with the IGT technology. If you are seeking a wonderful pellet gun, I can extremely suggest the Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper air rifle. It is genuinely “The Most Quiet Gun”

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review

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Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle - Hunting Valley
Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle is the perfect choice if you seeking an exceptional air rifle with strength, precision, and light-weight. The Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle might be the correct combination of functions you desire. This Air rifle made by Gamo is light in weight as a result of the blend construction making it simple for all sorts of shooters to appreciate the rifle. The rifle can deliver a pellet streaking to the target quicker than the speed of sound and strike the bulls eye on each and every shot. The rifle is loaded with options, so let’s examine all.

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Main Features

  1. Polymer Gun barrel
  2. Break Barrel Cocking
  3. Tranquility
  4. Open Thumb Stock
  5. Accuracy

1- Polymer Gun Barrel for Lighter Weight and Increased Accuracy

It is practically our nature that we assume most rifles, such as air rifles, to have an all metal barrel. The Gamo Silent Cat air rifle is equipped with an 18” fluted polymer barrel encircling rifled metal. Your first response might be to be concerned if a polymer barrel will hold up against severe use in your property, hunting regions, or even on the firing range. The truth is the composite polymer bull barrel is hard, powerful, and withstands many abusive circumstances better than an all metal barrel.

The polymer barrel prevents concerns with corrosion if it becomes moist. It offers enhanced sound reduction, durability, and longevity. Remember the barrel must be cleansed like any other firearm. You must regularly clean the rifle barrel to keep deposits from accumulating, particularly when using lead shot. You need to properly oil the barrel pivot, cocking pivots, and trigger pivots to maintain them moving efficiently, but are not necessary to use any lubricating oil in the barrel.

Although this is an air operated rifle, the speed of pellets could cause ignition if oil was used in the slot provided or the barrel. A pellet shooting out of your Gamo Silent Cat air rifle at more than 1000 fps generates remarkable frictional heat.

2- Break Barrel Cocking with Spring Piston

The Whisper Silent Cat works by using a spring piston which is cocked using the break barrel strategy. The cocking action needs 30 pounds of pressure. There are various important benefits to a spring piston process like the Whisper functions, this consists of:
  • No additional shooting costs for CO2 cartridges.
  • Single measure cocking.
  • Resilient.
  • Excessive powered.
  • Extra safety of a single shot rifle.
The air operated rifles which do not use CO2 cartridges come in two main varieties:
  1. You have the break barrel cocking systems that demand only one motion, or multi-pump guns which can involve 5 to 20 pumps to reach maximum power. The Whisper break barrel method enables you to get ready for shots quickly and have the power required to remove pests or hit a bulls eye regularly.
  2. If you are not acquainted with the break barrel cocking system, it is very easy. You hold the end of the barrel while bracing the butt pad towards your thigh, close to your hip. You then pop the barrel gently to start the cocking motion and pull it straight down for an individual cocking motion. When in the broken place you insert your pellet for the following shot. You will find out the system is effective and quick.

3- Shooting Quietly to Prevent Needless Attention

One of the most essential attributes of the Whisper line of rifles, such as the Whisper Silent Cat Air rifle, is the minimized degrees of noise. The Gamo Silent Cat air rifle works by using a non-removable noise dampening system constructed on the barrel. The ND52 system cuts down the sound by up to 52% compared to comparable rifles.

For the most silent shooting Gamo suggests using lead pellets rather than alloy pellets. The lead pellets slower the speed of the pellet to around 1000 fps. This declines the speed beneath the speed of sound removing the mini sonic booms triggered by fast moving ammunition. The noise dampener is created to get rid of muzzle noise, while decreasing your shots by using lead removes the added bust of the ammo in journey.

When employing lead pellets the only sound you should observe is the sound of the spring’s snapping discharge and the plunk when the pellet hits the target. These lowered noise levels allow you to shoot in domestic areas without concerns of distressing neighbors and getting unnecessary attention when someone considers your shooting a conventional gun.

The silent shooting is very beneficial when coping with pests, too. The groupings of birds, squirrel, rats, or other pests get no alert from sound. All they know is abruptly one of their group is lying dead on the ground.

4- Open Thumb Stock for Higher Control

The Gamo Silent Cat air rifle works by using an open grip stock produced from all-weather synthetic substance. The open stock enables you to increase precision with a true pistol grasp on the gun. With an enhanced grip you manage better control with a stable aim on your target.

The stock is furnished with dual cheek parts to allow shooting on either side. The cocking, packing, and shooting postures of the rifle are all 100% ambidextrous offering a high quality shooting expertise for left-handed and right-handed people. This tends to make the Gamo Silent Cat an outstanding preference for homeowners with persons who shoot from both sides.

The butt plate fitted on the stock is a ventilated rubber pad. It offers good recoil safety for your shoulder. You will appreciate the strength of a synthetic stock in comparison to wood. It is not quickly scratched, needs little servicing, and can hold up against intense weather with convenience. The lighter weight of the synthetic stock helps make the rifle simpler to carry and use.

5- Aiming with Accuracy

The Gamo Silent Cat is prepared to assist you hit the target. It comes prepared with both fiber alternative sights and a included scope. The fiber optic sites on the front and rear enable you to fine tune the gun for shooting without having the scope mounted. For grab and shoot firing this may be your desired sight.

The scope included with the Silent Car air rifle is one of the few areas of worry on this outstanding weapon. The scope is cheaper end scope which is ready of doing a good job but has triggered problems for many customers. The rifle comes incorporated with a 4×32 air rifle scope which uses a one part mounting technique.

The main issue individuals have described about the scope is issues keeping it zeroed. They get their scope altered to efficiency and then soon after a few shots it seems to have drifted off a little bit. Gamo has put out assistance bulletins giving specific details on how to appropriate this concern but making a slight tightening modification that many users have ignored. When effectively modified and stiffened the scope does a great job.

Dimensions and Physical Attributes

The Gamo Silent Cat air rifle is a very secure rifle to use during a day of fun or pest control. It is only 5.28 pounds. The rifle is 46 inches long that offers adequate length for precise shooting, but short enough for going through grounds and bushes. The barrel length is 18”.
The Silent Cat needs 30 pounds of pressure to cock the gun and 3.79 pounds of pressure to draw the trigger. Keep in mind, this is a dual stage trigger with variable pull length and pressure.

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Details

A few other functions should be outlined on the rifle. The Silent Cat works by using a manual safety  which Is fitted right in front of the trigger. The safety is simple to get to, employ, and launch. Make sure the safety is employed at any time the rifle is loaded and cocked. While the dual stage trigger decreases the possibilities of an incident, the safety offers better security.

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Bundled and Suggested Accessories

 The Gamo Silent Cat air rifle will come bundled with the 4×32 air rifle scope as formerly mentioned. Other suggested items you should think about include:
Gamo Cleaning Set – A low cost cleaning kit created particularly for your rifle.
Gamo Oil – The suggested oil for using on all steel parts of the Silent Cat.
High Efficiency Pellet Combo Pack – consists of Red Fire, Rocket, Raptor, and Armor pellets.
Performance Pellet Combo Pack – Contains a collection of lead pellets offering silent shooting and ongoing high accuracy.
Alternative Scope – This must be integrated in the suggested accessories list basically because most individuals desire a higher quality scope with better adjustment ability. Gamo provides a comprehensive line-up of other rifle scopes with most of them being much better quality.

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Pros

This rifle is loaded with excellent features which make it one of the top options for significant shooters. The favourable elements of the rifle include:
  • Great durability.
  • Weather proof with synthetic stock.
  • High powered shooting with rates up to 1200fps.
  • Silent shooting with the ND52 sound dampening system.
  • High precision. 
  • Outstanding support from Gamo.

Silent Cat Air Rifle Cons

There is one evident issue which gets complaints continually on this rifle. It is the scope. The primary rifle is one of the most precise on the market in the price selection. It can regularly group shots within an inch diameter from up to 40 yards apart. When you select to use the provided scope all initiatives at precision may be lost.

Gamo has modified the coaching for the scope which has assisted some users, but a lot of users elect to substitute the scope with another scope to enhance their shooting encounter. You might think about with the comparatively low cost of this rifle that is a very practical choice, but should have been needless.

Noise is the other significant fault of the rifle. This may sound a little bit unusual for a rifle which prides itself on silent, but it has become one of the major issues of buyers. This matter is not a design problem by Gamo, but is an instructional issue. The rifle will make a noisy crack when using the high efficiency alloy pellets. They shoot out of the gun as this kind of high speed they will break the sound barrier and generate a very noisy pop. Higher efficiency pellets may be recommended in some circumstances, but for shooting in town you should swap to the lead pellets to get rid of the issue.

Consumer Rankings

You might consider after reading about the cons of the Gamo Silent Cat air rifle that customer rankings might be low. You would be incorrect. This rifle holds some of the highest rankings achievable on all major retail store or sites. The factors are very basic. The price of the gun is outstanding. The precision is excellent. The weapon is highly effective. It satisfies the needs of nearly every shooter and lives up to the assures with great quality and strength.

In many situations the users talking about problems with the scope or sound give the rifle fantastic rankings due to the general efficiency of the rifle. They ignore these problems and being very unimportant compared to the overall functionality, importance, and pleasure they discover in shooting the Gamo Silent Cat.


The Gamo Silent Cat air rifle is not for every person. It is not for kids. It is not for individuals who may be incapable to cock the 30 pound spring. This rifle is an outstanding option for shooters who want precision, energy, strength, and to have the additional sneakiness of quiet shooting.

Provided that you keep in mind the minor flaws with the Gamo Silent Cat you will discover this rifle to be among the best alternatives possible. You can get over the problem with the scope by upgrading it with your favorite model of scope. You can get over the loud sonic boom bust by changing to lead pellets to reduce the shots. This gives you the benefits of using high efficiency PBA shot when you want greatest velocity and stopping power, but can silent the gun with a straightforward change to lead shot. If you have pest issues or are a target shooting fanatic the Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle is a gun you will significantly enjoy.

Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC Laser Rangefinder Review

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 Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC Laser Rangefinder - Hunting Valley

Best Laser Rangefinder - Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC Laser Rangefinder

The Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC Laser Rangefinder is of top quality laser range finder since it is made by Bushnell.  I have been seeking a rangefinder since I began bow-hunting but often appeared to find various methods to spend my money. Finally I got the Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC Laser Rangefinder, I can say that possessing a laser rangefinder, that is made by a well known company in this business, frequently convenient has improved how I hunt as a bow-hunter.

Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC Laser Rangefinder Review

This, Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC, is one of the finest rangefinders on the market at the moment. Over the past at retailers, activities and trade shows I have ensured to look at just about each and every brand of rangefinder and different models. The Bushnell G-Force comes in the mid to upper price range but it’s pace and characteristics match that of many high end rangefinders priced at much more.

 Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC Laser Rangefinder Camo - Hunting Valley
I’ll begin with saying that this laser rangefinder is a little pricey if you are just wanting to bow-hunt. While it comes with angle correction, is incredibly quick and precise it has way more bells and whistles than any recreational bow-hunter will require. If you hunt with simply every weapon in various areas and ranges then this is absolutely the one for you.

The Bushnell-G-Force-1300 rangefinder is small and light and simple to hold. The distinctive rubber grip makes it certain in hand and the casing is rock solid and can absolutely endure years of misuse.

The few buttons make it effortless to operate and rapidly. It’s very straightforward to range a target promptly and precisely even with gloves. The red screen is very uncomplicated to see in basically every light. It definitely shows the range in yards, the angle and the corrected range in yards. The view is very clear and with a 6x magnifier I have used it instead of my binoculars in places where the field of view was fairly short.

I’m not going to go into depth on all of the innovative features of The Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC Laser Rangefinder because that would just be generally me writing you a specification sheet. What I will say is there are settings for every single weapon and scenario. Even me, a basic bow-hunter could get around and use the functions with the simple push of a couple of buttons.

In general, this is a wonderful laser rangefinder and would be more than sufficient for the informal hunter and just right for the really serious hunter that hunts multiple species with multiple weapons. Bushnell has an extensive line up of rangefinders. If the G-Force ARC 1300 is beyond your price range they just presented some new models and there is one for every price range. The new Truth Laser Rangefinder should be for any bow-hunter and they also presented a version of the G-Force ARC 1300 in Realtree camo.

Thermacell Heated Insoles - A Cure for Cold Feet

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Thermacell Heated Insoles -Hunting Valley

Thermacell Heated Insoles - Hunting With Warm Feet !!!

ThermaCELL's heated insoles (electronically ) are the ideal cure you can find for the biggest late-season deer hunting issue: cold, and chilly feet. When conditions drop into the teens, toes burn with the cold except in cases where you wear thick felt lined boots. If you have to hike or want to perform some still hunting, on the other hand, lined boots make your feet sweat, that assures your toes will be cold as soon as you halt.

The most effective element about ThermaCELL's heated insoles is the fob-like remote and built-in control panel and battery. Compared with chemical toe warmers, which begin hot and progressively cool down, these let you easily select "No Heat" when you don't require any additional warmth, then frequently "Medium" or "High" heat when you do, all with no awkward external batteries or buttons.

Get the Thermacell Heated Insoles At Amazon 

That enables you to wear a preferred pair of light-weight, reasonably insulated knee-high rubber boots when on the go, with the guarantee that you will be able to increase the heat if I take a position or halt for any reason. And even if you are wearing bulkier boots, the control panel acts like a thermostat and briefly turns off power to the heating component when it gets to the chosen temperature.

Thermacell Heated Insoles really professional  

(Though not without a couple of flaws.)
For beginners, the formed, padded insoles are much plumper than the insoles that come regular with most boots. you can only use them with light socks in boots that are big to start with. In any other case the fit is way too tight.

Thermacell Heated Insoles could also be a little more warmer, and the battery life is discouraging. The lithium-ion unit made into the heel of each insole recharges rapidly, but it might not come close to the promoted five-hour run time at medium heat.

Thermacell Heated Insoles are costly. Doing the math, If the battery lives up to its assured 500 charges, that ends up to only approximately $0.26 per usage, which is about one-quarter and that is what chemical toe warmers cost. At this stage, however, that's continue to be an "if."

But my greatest issue is with the remote that comes with the Thermacell Heated Insoles. It doesn't validate what setting the insole is at. A beneficial on-off switch, or even improved a setting and battery level signal, would be a huge enhancement. So at the moment you will have to hang on for the ideal cure. Until that time, these are fairly considerably good, and consider of purchasing a second pair of Thermacell Heated Insoles so you can change them on all day hunts.

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Best Hunting Outerwear - Columbia Wool Jacket and Pant

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Columbia Expedition Ridge Wool Jacket and Pant - Hunting Valley

Columbia Wool Jacket and Pant - Best Hunting Outfits

Columbia’s Expedition Ridge Wool Jacket and Pant is the best hunting outfits in the sector. It has the following:

  • Specific design,relaxed fit
  • Army-​style slant chest pockets for fast access when putting on a pack
  • Considerable two-way zipper
  • Reinforced shoulder, elbow, and knee patches
Columbia Expedition Ridge Wool Jacket - Hunting Valley
I have tested wool jackets that cost more and been less satisfied because they were too huge for fast shooting and too hefty for anything.

To maintain weight and price lower, the material here is recycled, lightweight wool woven with recycled synthetic fibers. This originally gave me worries, as one of wool’s selling factors is that it doesn't burn when sparks fly, unlike synthetics for instance fleece.

So, I lighted some spruce and flipped my arm such as a rabbit on a spit. The fabric sizzled and gradually flared up, but then, pure wool will get fire, too, immediately after a while. Up to now, so good.

A week of spring gobbler hunting verified the clothing’s flexibility in 40-degree changes in temperature.

Columbia Expedition Ridge Wool Pant - Hunting Valley
If you want the best hunting outerwear that will see you through a blizzard, this is not it.

But if you like wool’s silence and comfort, at a very cost-effective price, search no further than the Columbia’s Expedition Ridge Wool Jacket and Pant.

Columbia Expedition Ridge Wool Jacket.
Columbia Expedition Ridge Wool Pant.

Best Hunting Boots - Lowa Hunting Boots

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Lowa Hunting Boots - Hunting Valley
Lowa Boots

Lowa Hunting Boots - Best Ever Made

Get the Lowa hunting boots to be ready for your hunting season whether it is spring or fall.

Decide on which style to go with.  Lowa boots come in different styles for men and women.

Lowa Mens Styles:

Lowa Women's Styles:

Lowa Hunting Boots - At The Test

Lowa Boots - Hunting Valley
Lowa hunting boots may appear like overkill for many individuals, because they are heavy and highly-priced - but let me inform you from individual encounter that they are worth it.

They held up for years with hefty use. I wore them for fundamental day hikes, for long backpacking stretches, for speed hikes, for touring through Australia, as work boots for construction worker, close to horses to secure my feet, around rattlesnakes to shield my feet, and even as winter boots in the snow in Toronto.

They have been almost everywhere with me, and they made it through for a very long time.

A significant factor to note: 

Lowa Boots - Hunting Valley
Despite the fact that Lowa boots for hunting are billed as "dry climate" boots, they work together with GTX if you water-proof them.

The attractiveness of leather is that it stands up so much better than artificial fabrics, is more relaxed, more resilient, less smelly, etc. Yet  - you have to manage them. This is very simple to do - just apply some mink oil into them if they have been getting wet a lot and are no longer getting rid of water.

I generally didn't do this very often, maybe each month, or at max each week if I was hiking quite a lot.

Lowa Boots - Hunting Valley
Once they are well soaked in oil, they get rid of water no problem, and will keep your feet very comfortable and dried. They never gave me bruises, which is a wonderful thing.

I believe these best hunting boots are very exclusive because rarely anyone makes full leather shoes any longer.

This isn't because they aren't as great, but due to the fact they are much more expensive in comparison to GtX and other artificial fabrics and we are turning into a non reusable culture.

Lowa Boots - Hunting Valley
These Lowa boots can be used in the early season, warm weather, and hunting boot.

Archery season would begin in September for either deer or elk, and you could not wait to go there without putting your new Lowa boots to the test.

Turkey Hunting Tips

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Fall Turkey Hunting Tips - Hunting Valley

Turkey Hunting Tips 

Fall Turkey Hunting 

The best turkey hunting tips are in the season that is preferred to hunt the turkeys.  Fall is the desired time to hunt wild turkeys by most of the well-known old time turkey hunters and continue to be desired by many traditionalists.

These turkey hunting professionals loved it best due to the fact it was a lot more challenging and for that reason more fulfilling to get an old gobbler in the fall than the spring. Gobblers in the summer, fall and winter seasons become very simple animals with very little desire in females.

They do, nevertheless, gobble in the fall and there have been a few days in October and November that we could have believe it was spring with the gobbling all over. On rare occasions, gobblers will even come in strutting and gobbling just like spring.

Very likely however you won't even recognize a fall gobbler coming in to your calls. He will just show up quietly, interested in companionship with an additional longbeard but not actually caring whether or not he finds it. This is a genuine fall gobbler.. The fall season has got back its reputation lately with the ever-growing numbers of turkeys. Lots of states now host fall turkey seasons and more and more hunters are getting the excitement of wild turkey hunting in the fall.

Turkey Hunting Equipments:


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