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Lowa Hunting Boots - Best Ever Made

Get the Lowa hunting boots to be ready for your hunting season whether it is spring or fall.

Decide on which style to go with.  Lowa boots come in different styles for men and women.

Lowa Mens Styles:

Lowa Women's Styles:

Lowa Hunting Boots - At The Test

Lowa Boots - Hunting Valley
Lowa hunting boots may appear like overkill for many individuals, because they are heavy and highly-priced - but let me inform you from individual encounter that they are worth it.

They held up for years with hefty use. I wore them for fundamental day hikes, for long backpacking stretches, for speed hikes, for touring through Australia, as work boots for construction worker, close to horses to secure my feet, around rattlesnakes to shield my feet, and even as winter boots in the snow in Toronto.

They have been almost everywhere with me, and they made it through for a very long time.

A significant factor to note: 

Lowa Boots - Hunting Valley
Despite the fact that Lowa boots for hunting are billed as "dry climate" boots, they work together with GTX if you water-proof them.

The attractiveness of leather is that it stands up so much better than artificial fabrics, is more relaxed, more resilient, less smelly, etc. Yet  - you have to manage them. This is very simple to do - just apply some mink oil into them if they have been getting wet a lot and are no longer getting rid of water.

I generally didn't do this very often, maybe each month, or at max each week if I was hiking quite a lot.

Lowa Boots - Hunting Valley
Once they are well soaked in oil, they get rid of water no problem, and will keep your feet very comfortable and dried. They never gave me bruises, which is a wonderful thing.

I believe these best hunting boots are very exclusive because rarely anyone makes full leather shoes any longer.

This isn't because they aren't as great, but due to the fact they are much more expensive in comparison to GtX and other artificial fabrics and we are turning into a non reusable culture.

Lowa Boots - Hunting Valley
These Lowa boots can be used in the early season, warm weather, and hunting boot.

Archery season would begin in September for either deer or elk, and you could not wait to go there without putting your new Lowa boots to the test.

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