Gamo Air Rifles - Best High Power Air Rifles

Gamo Air Rifles - Best High Power Air Rifles

For many years Gamo has been in the air gun sector, creating and producing high quality and the best high power air rifles, air pistols and air gun ammunition for hunting.

Currently Gamo has the largest models of high quality and high precision airgun pellets in the globe, and one of the most known air gun manufacturers in Europe. Being competitive and globally successfull , Gamo air rifles can be found in more lots of countries and employed daily by hunters and outdoor fanatics.

Whisper Fusion Pro - Hunting Valley

1- Whisper Fusion Pro

Gamo has introduced the Quietest air rifles the Whisper Fusion Pro line in 2013. With its trademarked double incorporated noise dampening technology generating the shot almost undetected to annoying varmints, 1400 feet per second with PBA, all weather strength put together with optimum performance, unique Smooth Action Trigger and Shock Wave Absorber characteristics, making it a must-have for any serious hunter.

There is no doubt the Whisper Fusion Pro is an excellent rifle. For a single cock airgun, this is the most precise one you will ever use. It take a quite powerful individual to pump the cylinder when cocking the gun. You won't have any issue with a child having access to this one and using it when you are not close to.

It is very accurate. With the scope mounted on it, you can hit the same area over and over again

Whisper Fusion Pro is very powerful, it has a wonderful scope, but the regular whisper is more quiet.  When you use it more it becomes quieter,  otherwise it is a very good pellet gun.

 Whisper Fusion - Hunting Valley

2- Whisper Fusion

The Whisper Fusion provides all-weather strength mixed with optimum efficiency. Light weight artificial stock, coordinate grade fluted barrel, and 1300 feet per second with PBA make the Whisper Fusion ideal for small game hunting, objectives, and pest management.

The IGT (Inert Gas Technology) is a new innovative technology from Gamo for Mature Break-Barrel Air Rifles. This impressive technology enables shooting pellet rounds by use of a pneumatic inert gas cylinder rather than traditional spring technology.

The Whisper Fusion has a gas piston that is expected to be less noisy then a springer.  It is a fantastic gun with high performance. The flexible cheek rest and optics are excellent! It does still make a noisy sound when you are the shooter. The moment you step away and let somebody else shoot, you recognize the lower decibels.

The gun is extremely quiet, particularly in comparison to a firearm, and the sound is much like striking a  ail a good strike with a hammer. It's not too loud to demand ear protection and it doesn't sound like any type of firearm. It's not the kind of sound to alert the neighbors.

The cocking action needs substantial pull(not made for kids) and the recoil is more than I alleged but not unpleasant at all.

The trigger action feel is improved than any of my powder rifles and hand guns which was very amazing. Cocking the Whisper Fusion rifle takes some energy but the results are satisfying.

3- Gamo MRA Showstopper - Shawn Michael

This exceptional Gamo MRA Showstopper - Shawn Michaels presents 1,400 fps with PBA Platinum Bullets and a new stock developed for the real hunters. The air rifle contains an all-weather stock with rubber grips, ergonomic style, the Smooth Action Trigger, and Shock Wave Absorber - the new recoil pad from Gamo that digests up to 74% more recoil pressure. The MRA "Showstopper" is offered in .177 and has a 33mm cylinder in order to give more energy and speed to the shooter!

The Gamo MRA Showstopper  is an amazing machine. The stock is comfortable and resilient polymer stock. The fit and style is fantastic , where everything is fit collectively and properly. The precision is unreal. The trigger is great. Although this rifle has been recommended by Shawn Michaels, the rifle has high speed in both pba and lead pellets. It is noisy but if you live out in  the country, the loudness is not an issue.

This MRA Showstopper gun is very accurate and powerful. It is really highly effective. Don't hesitate to think that you could regularly bring down coyotes and anything smaller down the line neatly and successfully.

It shoots smooth and has very Little Shock.  At first you think that it has remarkable hand shock but following you get used to how loud it is and realize that the "Shock" is not as loud as you think.

The trigger is changeable and has sufficient wiggle space you can tweak it to excellence.  The traction design on the stock and front grip are excellent.  The Gamo MRA Showstopper Feels Wonderful and it has very good grip.

Gamo Outdoors Hunter Extreme SE - Hunting Valley

4- Gamo Outdoors Hunter Extreme SE

Gamo has introduced an SE design of it's famous Hunter Extreme. The most prominent add-on is an absolutely remodeled illuminated red dot reticle. With the exact 1,650 FPS knockdown strength from PBA Platinum Rounds as it's forerunner, it's a great thing .

The Hunter Extreme Extreme SE features Shock Wave Absorber technology - the new recoil cushion from Gamo that takes up up to 74% more recoil force. The Gamo Hunter Extreme SE is one of the most effective air rifles ever made.

The rifle is light-weight in comparison to the other similar air rifles. It is fast and precise.

The Gamo Hunter Extreme SE s excellent. It hits tough and powerful! Thing you shoud know is that it truly loud with the pba pellets,it makes a definitely load breaking sound like a true gun considering that the pellets break the sound barrier. Moreover, its heavier than predicted and to break the barrel turns into a workout after a while.

The Hunter Extreme SE has the quality and sharpness of an air rifle you desire.


Whisper Fusion Pro
Whisper Fusion
Gamo MRA Showstopper
Hunter Extreme SE 

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